Welcome to Bay Area Book Repair

Hello all!

We haven’t met yet, but my name is Emily. I’ll be the newest set of hands here at Bay Area Book Repair. I’m looking forward to introducing myself more fully, but first I’d like to provide some updates!

Vanessa has decided that she needed to redirect her focus away from the day-to-day business and treatments, and has graciously brought me on to continue the work. While Vanessa has stepped away from executing treatments, she is still a part of BABR in a supportive role.

Who am I? I’m a bookbinder living and working in Monterey County. I graduated from North Bennet Street School’s Bookbinding department in 2016. My focus the past few years has been on fine and design binding, and I’m looking forward to returning to book and paper repair. I’m deeply honored to be a part of the BABR legacy and intend to keep Michele, Sarah, and Vanessa’s blog posts available on the site. I also hope to meet the high-bar these wonderful binders have set regarding both treatments and customer service.

Please bear with me as I take over this site and get everything up and running again. I’m only tech-savvy enough to get by, so your patience is deeply appreciated. (I’m a bookbinder for a reason! Ha-ha!). Please feel free to continue to reach out to us through the contact form. My assistant, Timothy, will be helping me with e-mails and we hope to keep response times as quick as we can. That being said, please allow for 1-3 business days for one of us to get back to you. If you haven’t heard back from one of us within a week, please reach out to us again.

I look forward to offering my services and keeping your treasured books and documents around to be loved.

-E. Patchin