A New Spine for a 19th Century Volume of Montaigne

This book was broken into multiple sections, held together mostly by the hemp or jute cords.  After sewing the sections together and stabilizing the spine, I built up the linings and added new headbands and hinge cloth to replace the disintegrating old ones.  Luckily the paper was in good shape, strong and flexible.IMG_0303IMG_0304IMG_0305

The spine is entirely new, a moriki-airplane linen laminate, dyed to match the original brown.  I stabilized the corners and sealed them with paste and more moriki, and generally did a lot of work on the corners and edges of the covers.  IMG_0335IMG_0336IMG_0337

Even though the spine was in pieces, I was able to scrape off most of the paper backing and was able to put it back together so that the title is legible.  I even surprised myself with how nicely this book turned out.IMG_0339