New Leather Cases for a Complete Set of Dumas Novels

The client inherited this set of early 20th century books from her grandmother.  The text pages were in good shape, but the leather covers were flaking off and could not be handled.photophoto (1)

I created new cases for the set with black goatskin, and red leather was pared paper-thin, then foil-stamped, to be made into labels for the (2)photo (3)photo (4)

To recreate the text for the spine labels, I worked with a graphic designer who reformatted the words into the proper font and size (each of the spines has a different length of letters but they all had to fit within 5/8 of an inch).  Then the diemaker converted the pdf file into a metal die, and I then used the die to stamp the words onto a pared piece of leather.  It occurs to me that the labor involved in handwork is perhaps not obvious to a casual observer because mass machine production does a good job of mimicking appearances, but I hope there is still some distinction worth making here, even if it is only visible in the small imperfections of handwork.